Custom neon signs are one of the easiest ways to attract attention with a brand, and they are highly customizable so that they fit your style and budget. Whether you have a basic logo or artwork already prepared for a custom neon sign, or you want something created that self-serve sign designer can’t do, just email or call via the contact form below to request an estimate. Custom Sign will be more than happy to assist you bring your idea to life with an affordable price tag. They offer a complete line of services including custom sign designs, custom logos, custom neon signs, custom banners, custom bumper stickers, custom decals, custom wall graphics, custom labels, custom signs, custom displays and so much more.

custom neon signs

The custom neon signs are a perfect advertising solution for the business person on the go or the office worker on the move. They are made from durable, vinyl materials that are sure to stand up to daily use. When it comes to custom design, they offer the ability to create graphics to fit any type of signage, including multi-purpose signs, letterheads, envelopes, business cards and more. With custom logos, it is possible to add your company name or logo in several styles, including block letters, block lettering, embossed letters, die cut letters and much more. The custom graphics are also available in multiple sizes and shapes for those who prefer not to have to worry about having the right size and shape. These custom graphic options ensure that your message will get noticed.

Custom neon signs are very easy to install. Since they are so easy to install, they can be installed by a handyman or do it yourself. The fact that the designs are easy to customize makes them even easier to put up. Once you see how easy the custom signs are to install and put up, you may want to try that idea for other areas of your business or advertising campaign.