Water coolers, also known as liquid coolers, are a device that heats or cools the water in the refrigerator using an evaporator unit and a cooling device. It is most often found near the bathroom due to greater access to the plumbing system. An evaporator unit is a device used to heat or cool water while it is in contact with air. This unit is usually made up of a coil of metal which is placed directly in front of the air vents in the kitchen. The cooling device works in conjunction with the evaporator unit by circulating water through the device.

Water coolers have been around since the early 1900s. They are a useful device that helps many people keep their refrigerator full. People often use them to carry water for cooking purposes, and sometimes they are used to hold a large volume of water for washing clothes. The first refrigerators that were widely available did not have any coolant. This was a major problem as people were unable to keep their food fresh if they did not refrigerate the food properly.

Water coolers were designed to help alleviate this problem, but many of them were never able to keep foods fresh as long as people desired. As time went on, refrigerators were more powerful and had built in coolant systems. People began to find the need for water coolers as they were unable to keep their food fresh on their refrigerators as long as they had done in the past. Water coolers, as a result of their greater efficiency and smaller size, became very popular.

Today, there are several types of water coolers that can be bought. Some of them have an evaporator unit, while others do not. Some of these coolers are portable, while others are permanent fixtures in a specific room.

Water coolers that use an evaporator unit are best suited to smaller areas. They are designed to cool the water in a room by drawing heat from the air. Cooling through the evaporator draws in the warm air and then forcing it out of the room through a condenser. The result is that the air is cooled. This cooling helps make sure that the air remains at a consistent temperature throughout the room.

Water coolers that use a condenser, on the other hand, are designed to take in cold air and then heat the water in the water. The water is heated through a boiler or a furnace. This heat helps to make it run faster and produce more cooling energy. They are also suited to heating large volumes of water.