For Windows OS there are millions of software that are being developed and even there are multiple sites to download that software. But the problem that arises is they bundle the actual software with their own custom installers such as crapware, adware, etc. However, there are few websites that don’t bundle crapware with the actual software. Here we are going to provide you a few safe software download sites where you don’t have to bother with custom installer crapware. And in this article, we are discussing those websites. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Ninite is one of the best software downloading site that offers you to download some best and popular software like Chrome, VLC, Spotify etc. You can install them with just a single click or two and you don’t have to bother about the bundled crapware. You don’t have to install each software individually, Ninite by default downloads the latest version of the software and installs it.

Bagas 31 is also one of the most popular free software download sites where you have the ability to find any free and paid software that can run on multiple platforms. The best thing about Softpedia is that it provides the latest version of the software you suggest. It also gives you with software reviews and actual screenshots for all used software. Do try it, as this is one of the best website.

Yet, SnapFiles ia another one free download site that doesn’t bother about any crapware. It provides you the different categories where you can easily find top 100 free software, top user favorites, top portable apps, software reviews etc. You can easily use different software categories to find your favorite one.