NYC United Limo

New York United Limo is a luxury company that offers an amazing selection of limos at an affordable price. From classic cars to sedans, NYC United Limo has the right limo for you.”We provide high-class limousines service for New York and beyond in our huge fleet of top-class vehicles. From our classic cars to sedans, we offer a complete selection that can satisfy all budgets and preferences of our clients.” -NYC United Limo

As the only American-owned luxury car rental company in New York, NYC United Limo has many options to accommodate your needs. Whether you want to have a romantic evening with the one you love or a business meeting in a trendy environment, NYC United Limo has everything you need. You can easily rent a luxurious vehicle that’s equipped with comfortable beds, DVD player, CD player, bar and restroom, satellite TV, iPod, air conditioning and many other amenities for your special occasion.

All luxurious vehicles come with their own distinctive and personalized service. In addition to offering a wide selection of luxury vehicles, NYC United Limo also offers services like valet service, driver chauffeuring, and emergency roadside assistance. All vehicles are also equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans, reclining backrest, LCD flat screen monitor, mini-bar, DVD, radio, CD, satellite dish, head phones, CD/DVD players and many other amenities. The chauffeur is always ready to serve you during any type of occasion.

The company that started in New York in 1932 and today offers its services worldwide to over sixty-five countries, NYC United Limo is committed to creating and sustaining its client base of satisfied travelers. If you are looking for a luxury limousine company that offers a variety of luxurious automobiles that are well-equipped with all amenities and services, you should consider NYC United Limo.

The company is very flexible and has very good customer relations. Their customer service representatives are available in the lobby and at the airport waiting area so that you can book your car in a timely manner.They will be happy to answer any questions or concerns about your luxury ride. Whether it is about special occasions or regular occasions, NYC United Limo will accommodate any type of occasion and meet your needs.

NYC United Limo also gives you peace of mind knowing that they provide a fleet of experienced and professional drivers that will show up on time for your arrival. They are also licensed and bonded. to ensure the safety and comfort of their clients. They have a full insurance and maintenance coverage for their vehicles, in order to provide you the best service and protection against any possible damages.NYC United Limo also provides a safe and secure pick up and drop off for you and your guests. Their drivers have state of the art equipment so that you and your friends can be guaranteed safe and comfortable transportation.

The company has a fleet of luxurious vehicles that can satisfy your every need. Whether it is a corporate gathering or a group of friends heading to the club, NYC United Limo will get you there safely and quickly. They also have the luxury of having your pick up at your door step. when you choose to have your special someone’s wedding reception or prom night at their facility.

They are fully insured and bonded to ensure their unique limousine services. If any unforeseen issues arise with your limousine service, you will have their customer service representatives with you to help resolve any concerns.NYC United Limo also provides the latest in technology for their vehicles. They will give you a full tour and explain how it works.