Ok, there certainly are a whole lot of camp tents out there. Before beginning, decide how a lot of people would sleep in the tent? Will gear and springs stay out or inside? And think about your dog?

Choosing tents for camping in desert

Everybody else wants a tents which can be spacious and light. The task for you as a client (and us as tent manufacturers ) is that space and weight struggle each other. The roomier the swimming tent, the thicker it really is. Camp tents transported by kayak is sometimes considered a bit weightier. Of course in the event that you’re car camping, then do not get worried about the burden in any way.

desert tents

You know desert is a place where you cannot last a single day if you don’t have the proper gear. Whenever you choose a desert tent, you need to consider the factors below.

Know about the weight

“Minimum weight” is all about except that the stakes, guylines, and fabric sack.

3 and 4 season tents

3 season camp tents (spring, summer, autumn ) are light weight and are inclined to be warmer in warm weather. 4 season camp tents (cold temperatures ) may defy snow and high winds. Also they are heavier and much more costly (usually). Most men and women who camp year-round have a tent for both winter and the next for the remainder of the season.

Floor Size

For those who require additional elbowroom which features space to store gear indoors, pick a camping tent with a ground area of 20 square feet (give or take) a person. For individuals seeking to shave oz (back-packers, bicycle dealerships ) a camping tent that offers approximately 15 square feet each sleeper will probably get the job done effectively, even though it’ll soon be a tight match.


Camping tent elevation is measured from the earth until the peak of the child’s outdoor. To calculate inner elevation, subtract two or three inches from the specified”summit height” 3 ft. 6 . Is normally enough to sit in.


While one doorway is ofcourse enough, two could minimize night jostling once you personally or your friend crawl out to react to the decision of nature. An excess doorway will not, but add more burden and cost to the beachfront tent.


Obviously, you don’t want to roast yourself up in the unforgiving heat of the desert. You need to find tent that is has good ventilation. It should have windows at either sides to promote airflow.

Breeze Potency

Be certain the rainfly reaches on the earth in the event that you’ll end up camping in strong winds. Additionally be certain that the rain fly has a lot of tie down things to install stabilizing individual traces.

Avoid fiberglass poles

Even more costly, aluminum rods are lighter and also have a much longer life span.



Choosing the tents for camping in a desert entirely depends upon your requirements. Just keep in mind that the tents you choose are have plenty of room for air to pass through. Another thing worth mentioning at this point is that the poles should be good enough to withstand the forces of nature like dust storms and winds. You can visit SportsNotch to check out some best tents for desert camping. Please drop down a comment if you have any suggestion or things to share with us.