Whoever gives the income to the Government, he/she has to register himself/herself with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) and get the National Tax Number (NTN). We explain here, what advantages a person have by obtaining an FBR NTN and what are the ways of NTN Verification :

When any person gets the FBR NTN, he/she become the assesses and have to file the annual Income Tax Return before the last date prescribed by FBR.
If he NTN holder is businessman, his business become more favorable and he/she can get many business benefits and fbr NTN give strength to the business.
The people have full confidence over the NTN holder business and prefer to do business with that person or company.
It is the symbol of the patriotism that NTN holder is true person and loyal with the country and honestly pay the tax to the Government.
The NTN holder can become the members of the many good clubs and get many advantages of the different clubs.
The NTN holder and income tax Payer can get many advantages from the Government about his business and individual too.
The income tax payer can get Government contracts and can participate in the auctions and make contracts with the government of the country.
The income tax payer can become the member of chamber of commerce and Industry and avail the benefit of the chamber of commerce and Industry.
The income tax payer can make contracts and assignment with the foreign companies and firms, he can get agencies and foreign company liaison office.