Are you looking for the best Hotstar UK Promo Code? HOT45 is the best Promo code provided by us because we are the official partner of Hotstar UK. By applying HOT45, you can avail of an instant 10% discount and many other offers.

In this article, I will provide full details about different offers that you can achieve using the promo HOT45. Let’s have a look in detail. 

Two subscription plans are available in Hotstar UK, i.e., Monthly plan and yearly plan. The annual plan cost £49.99(before applying Promo code), and the monthly plan cost £5.99.

The following are the offers that you can get using HOT45.


Hotstar UK Promo Code Offer 1: 

Before entering your credit card details during subscription, if you apply Promo Code HOT45, you will get a flat 10% discount on your annual subscription plan. Your final price will change into £44.99 after applying promo code, and with that, you will receive a £25 bonus from Payoneer.


Hotstar UK Promo Code Offer 2:

By applying HOT45 during your subscription, you will receive a £25 gift card. A free subscription is necessary on the Payoneer official website through your Hotstar email. You will receive your gift card in your Gmail, and if you didn’t get your card, email us at


Terms and conditions for HotstarUK Promo Code Offer 1:

Promo Code HOT45 can only be used on an annual subscription for a minimal time. Monthly users can upgrade their plan to a yearly plan using HOT45 and avail of this offer.

To get a £25 wallet, you have to sign up on the Payoneer website. Don’t worry; their subscription is free of cost—signup with the same email address that you use to subscribe to Hotstar UK.


Let’s wrap up:

You won’t get these promotions on any other platforms, Hotstar Promo Code UK is for a minimal time, so hurry up! Make sure to subscribe and avail of this offer as soon as possible.