Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Build 15014 Now Available

Why it matters to you

Microsoft uses the Windows Insider Fast Ring as a testing ground for new features that could improve your Windows 10 experience.

Microsoft rolled out a new Windows Insider build to users on the Fast Ring on Friday and this one brings a long-awaited feature to Windows 10 — a built-in ebook store and ebook reader platform.

Additionally, the update includes a number of bug fixes and usability enhancements based on user feedback from the Microsoft Feedback Hub. Let’s have a look at what you Fast Ring users can look forward to in this update.

What’s new in the latest Fast Ring build

The major features rolled out in the latest build is the Windows 10 ebook store. It not only functions as a bookstore but also a built-in ebook reader, well, sort of. It actually doesn’t function as an ebook reader on its own but it allows Microsoft Edge to open and read unprotected EPUB files, along with any books you’ve purchased from the new ebook store.

It’s not exactly a groundbreaking new feature, but it’s a nice companion to the existing Windows Store and takes a bit of the hassle out of picking up an ebook. Rather than juggling third-party readers or relying on a browser alone, the new store will allow users to purchase books, browse their library, and read them in the new ebook reader built into Microsoft Edge.

It’s another move that puts Edge at the forefront of the Windows 10 experience, using the browser more than just a window into the internet, but also a library hub.

Next up, a myriad of minor changes. Microsoft tends to pack these Fast Ring updates with bug fixes and usability updates and Build 15014 is no different. For instance, Cortana is getting a few upgrades to her search box and notifications, namely bigger text and a lighter shade for the search box.

Storage settings also received an update and you will be able to set your PC to automatically remove excess files — things like temporary files, items that have been in your recycle bin for more than 30 days.

You will also be able to set up your own custom accent colors for your Windows 10 user interface in this latest update. It’s not a big change, but it’s a welcome one. Instead of picking from a series of pre-selected colors, you can choose from the whole spectrum, or even enter your own RGB, HSV, or HEX color code.

That about does it for this build, for a look at the rest of the incremental updates be sure to check out the Windows blog.